Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

As he returns from an unsuccessful climb of Mt. Everest, Greg Mortenson becomes lost in Afghanistan and wanders in to the village of Korphe. Here Mortensen meets Haji Ali. Ali's family takes care of Mortenson and finds him a way back to Pakistan. Before he leaves the little village of Korphe and Ali's hospitality, Mortenson promises to return and build the village a school. This promise will change Mortenson's life forever.

One Child by Torey Hayden

Author Torey Hayden teaches specials needs students at her public school. It's a new school year and her students are doing well and getting along. That is until six-year-old Sheila arrives. Sheila's violent and unpredictable behavior sets the class on edge and it is up to Torey to break through Sheila's tough exterior. Sheila has issues. Sheila was abandoned on the side of a road by her mother and is now being raised by her alcoholic father. She is one angry little girl. If you enjoy books by David Pelzer such as A Child Called It, then you might try this one.

California Blue by David Klass

John Rodgers loves to run. On one of his runs through the redwood forest of his small California town, John notices a beautiful blue butterfly. Later in Biology class, John discovers that the butterfly is an endangered species. The butterfly's habitat is threatened by the local logging industry. This pits environmentalists against the locals, and John is right in the middle.

Diary Queen by Catherine Gilber Murdock

DJ lives and works on her family's dairy farm. She has spent the summer running the farm while her dad recovered from an operation. A football coach friend of her father's loaned the family the services of Brian Nelson, the cute quarterback from Hawley High. Brian helps DJ with work around the farm and she, in turn, helps him train. DJ knows football. Her two older brothers are attending college on football scholarships and her dad is a former coach. Training Brian and all the hard work on the farm has DJ in great shape, so DJ decides to try out for the Red Bend team. A girl trying out for the football team! DJ is the talk of Red Bend.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Julianna has had a "crush" on Bryce ever since she saw him when she was seven and they were in second grade. But Bryce, being a typical second-grade boy, would have nothing to do with Juilianna. Bryce and Juilianna are now in eighth grade. Bryce's grandfather has moved in with the family and he has noticed what a wonderful young lady Julianna is. Bryce notices that Julianna no longer follows him around like a puppy dog any more. She's moved on to other interests. Bryce finds himself thinking quite a bit about Julianna. Bryce has fallen in love with Julianna and the roles have flipped!

Feed by M. T. Anderson

Titus and his friends all have "feeds". Feeds are brain implants which are connected to a computer network that runs 24/7 advertising everything Titus and his friends would ever want or need. Titus and his friends no longer have to speak verbally with one another. They communicate telepathically. The "feed" keeps everyone occupied and compliant. On a trip to the moon with his friends, Titus meets Violet. There's something different about Violet that catches Titus's attention. Violet has an older feed and has been home-schooled by her father who is a professor. When Violet contracts a virus that causes her feed to fail, she comes out fighting against the feed leaving Titus with a decision to make. Should he join Violet's rebellion?